Play ANY movie file with VLC media player now available on the AppStore for iPad

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The significant of this news is HUGE!, I’ve been running VLC player on my Macs and PC’s for after getting tired of worrying about Codecs.

You see VLC player allows you to watch movies that have been compressed so that they are easier backed up on to external hard-drives or take up less space on your computer

What this finally means is all those movies or videos you’ve had on your PC or Mac should* now work on the iPad by simply adding them via iTunes.

VLC media player is available on the AppStore

September 20, 2010

After 2 weeks of review, VLC for the iPad is eventually available on the AppStore! The release date is set to Tuesday, Sept. 21, so depending on your timezone, it should be available pretty soon. For instance, it’s already available in New-Zealand! Just follow this iTunes link that should become active as soon as the app reaches your store.

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Angela Giles says:

Awesome! By the way, is the VLC player free or what? Is it like a freemium?

-Angela Giles
Social Media and Publicity DIVA

***Yes, I’m giving away the 3rd edition of my Twitter Blueprint for FREE! No strings attached.

admin says:

Hi Angela.
VLC Player is better than Fremium…. it’s opensource.
One feature the ipad version of VLC player is missing (compared to it’s desktop counterpart) is the ability to playback video at 2x or 3x speed without making the video sound like chipmunks.

This is a feature I use on the desktop version all the time to POWER through 8hrs of training material in 3.5 hours or less. Would be beautiful if I could do that using the iPad on the trains / buses around London

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