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GameStop, Inc.

While surfing for videos about the future from the past, I found this little gem from Apple:

The video comes from a time in which very few were actually on the internet, hence the question, “What *would* you do?” The most recent YouTube comments paint a disheartening picture of what we have become:

With the Launch of the iPad there are many new opportunities to use this device in education.

Apple already is the best in digital content distribution, and with the release of the ebook s on the iPad and it’s video playback functionality imagine the learning experience students could have if they aren’t tied down to a classroom (almost sure it will support HTML5 which means no Flash will be required)

Prof Michael Welch from Kansas State University lectures in all things Digital Media to do with education and sociology and found this old Apple education Ad for us.

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GameStop, Inc.

On Wednesday 27th January 2010 Apple will make a new announcement regarding their new hardware release.

Many of os hope and wish that it will be the mystical iSlate Device, but according to this cartoon, we might just be surprised.

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