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UK Viewers: How to watch Channel 4 on the iPhone or iPad

If you’re living in the United Kingdom you might be irritated that you STILL can’t watch 4OD on the iPhone?

When 4oD launched way back in January 2006 I was one of the firsts to download the software and after some slight issues got it working (Can’t believe I use to work on a Windows PC).

Well since then other streaming channels have become available and many of them realize that people wish to view the content from their mobile devices.

Well, At the moment there is only one way I’ve been able to

    watch 4OD on the iPad

or iPhone by actually just catching up on the channel 4 content


Currently the methods’ I’ve tried below are unsuccessful, but please try them and let me know if they work. (As its dependent of 4OD to update to HTML5 on youtube)

Some tricks I’ve tried unsuccessfully is:

So, For the time being the following will allow you to watch UK channel 4 content on your iPhone and iPad

If you have tried these methods and they DO work, or have other advice please add a comment. (There’s a bunch of people who wishes to get this working)

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